What services we provide to our customers.

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Pinturas SABI performs services in the following areas:

Sand, shot and glass blasting.

This is the most efficient procedure for cleaning, given that it eliminates rust, scale, excess welding, oils, etc., on stainless iron, wood and stone, at the same time obtaining an excellent roughness that favours the adherence of the layers of paint.

By applying this procedure, the rust and lamination scale is removed, as well as the old paint, leaving the metal white and with a uniform roughness.

Metallisation with zinc, aluminium and copper.

This is a process which projects a molten material in an atomised form over a surface which has been duly prepared, with the aim of creating a filler layer with the required surface characteristics.

The projection is done with a gun supplied with the material transfer agreement. A thermal head in it, generates the heat needed to melt the wire.

Finally, a compressed air system sprays the molten material and projects it on the base coat while helping to cool the work area.

The application of all kinds of industrial, warehouse and decorative painting.

Given the enormous variety of products and paints which can be applied to different surfaces (iron, cement, etc.) as well as the different company requirements as a result of the wide range of corrosive environments that deteriorate the structure, we apply different kinds of paints: alkyd, vinyl, chlorinated rubber, epoxy, polyurethanes, varnishes, fireproof, intumescent, plastic, whitewash.

The applying of these paints is carried out using paint brushes, rollers, air-less guns, compressed air guns (high or low pressure)..., depending on the characteristics of the surface and the customer requirements.  

Treatment of wind parts.

Given the demand for renewable energy, Pinturas SABI has focused its services to the treatment of pieas wind. Is achieved by applying special paints for the treatment of metals, shielding them from climate change.

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