Customers who have trusted us.

Our company carries out a wide range of services both in our facilities in San Felices de Buelna, Los Corrales de Buelna, Astillero and on::site, either within Spain or abroad.

We also carry out complete maintenance work (facilities, machinery, etc.)

BREWERIES (Structures and tanks).

:: Damm (Barcelona)
:: Estrella de Levante (Murcia)
:: Cruz Campo (Sevilla)


:: Ascó II (Tarragona)
:: Santa María de Garoña (Burgos)
:: Cernavoda (Rumanía)

THERMAL POWER PLANTS (Turbine cleaning).

:: Compostilla (León)
:: Sotolabarca (Asturias)
:: Pasajes (Guipúzcoa)
:: Andorra (Teruel)
:: Carboneras (Almería)
:: Grao (Castellón)
:: Los Barrios (Cádiz)
:: Central de Lanzarote (diesel)


:: Petronor (Somorrostro)
:: Sant-Gaudent (France)
:: Steti Papel (Czech Republic)
:: Cementos Alfa, S.A.
:: Montefibre Hispania, S.A.
:: Basf (Como - Italy)
:: Usine D’incineration D’ordures en Bethune (France)
:: Ffacilities Minera Santa Marta (Burgos)
:: New Aspla Facilities (Torrelavega)
:: Column strippers, evaporators, capacitors (Riu :: Indonesia)
:: The Racing Football Stadium in Sardinero (Santander)
:: Dynasol, S.A.
:: Complete Furnace Structure (Casablanca -Morocco)
:: Ice Rink (Comunidad Valenciana)
:: The treating of uprights in the Ports of Raos, Colindres and Suances.


:: Hoppers, tanks and filters
:: Shafts and rotors for the aeolic sector
:: Treatment plants
:: Variety of hydraulic structures
:: Electricity substations and metal supports
:: Desalination plant 
:: Restoration work of facades and painting of buildings
:: Cleaning of facades and stone and concrete buildings
:: Interior decorating
:: Everyday maintenance work on ships in Astander
:: Complete painting of several hotels. (Hoyuela, Hotel Azul, Palacio Guevara)

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