Meet Pinturas SABI.
Pinturas SABI, SA has significant experience in the field of painting since 1960. Company specializes in blasting, metal and industrial paint, naval and treatment of wind power components.


Our facilities are located in the municipality of San Felices de Buelna (Cantabria), in a plot of 35,000 m2 that are located in various warehouses and offices to a total of 7,800 m2 of floor area.

We have:

  • 2 cabins for blasting.
  • 1 cabin of 150 m2 jet shot with automatic collection.
  • 2 cabins of metallic.
  • 1 cabin drying.
  • 1 cabin painting.
  • 6 ships of paint.

Thus, as sufficient staff to deal with work of some size and scope, capable of performing work interchangeably jet, metal and industrial painting.

You know our Media Production.


Among the services we provide to our clients are:


Always considering the complete satisfaction of our customers, Pinturas SABI has always endeavored to follow a policy of quality in their work, treatment and ultimately in their services, aimed at the large number of companies and clients honor us with their confidence to try to never disappoint them.

We will on our part, surpassing every day and for this we have the cooperation of our customers, even with their criticisms certainly help us in our endeavor.

Environmental Quality.

Aware of the processing environment, Pinturas SABI has been certified ISO 14001 Environmental Quality.

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